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No is the new YES! Part #1

Posted on September 16 2019

No is the new YES! Part #1

It's Lo here! You may be a little confused by the title of this post but you are reading it correctly! No is the new YES! But why? Let me give you 2 very important reasons why the word "no" is more powerful than the word "yes" right now.


In today's society,  we have been fed this lie that everyone should be a YES man. You should say yes to more things, you should want to go out and explore life more, you should want to live it up because Y.O.L.O. Just say yes to everything! Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! Yes to the four course meal and ice cream for dessert, yes to the night out partying with your friends and yes to the Netflix show you're about to binge watch. The problem with saying yes to everything is that not everything is WORTHY of saying yes to. We are so focused on saying yes to everything that we are forgetting where our real power comes from, saying NO! Let's start saying "no" to anything that does not serve what we want our future to look like. It is up to you to figure out what you want your future to look like. Are you happy with your current fitness routine/ body/ fitness goals? Are you happy with your job/career/ major? Are you using your talents and gifts to inspire others? Are you where you want to be? Once you've established what you truly want your future to look like, then comes the easiest most hardest part... saying "no" to everything that does not feed or aid into accomplishing that goal. "In one year I want to be down 20 lbs", is a specific goal to aim for. When your friend asks you to grab an ice cream cone on your none cheat meal day, you have to be able to say "no"! The word "no" teaches us a form of discipline. No you will not give your energy into something that is taking away from your future, no you will not fall behind because of a distraction, and no you will not give into someone who doesn't see your vision. It's time for us to get comfortable with the word "no" so we can say "yes" to our future!


Our society has never had more distractions then there are today! It's harder than ever for us to stay focused on our goals. With the massive amount of distractions, we have to be ready to toss our "no"'s out everywhere. No to television, no to scrolling through social media aimlessly wasting your time, no to partying until 2 a.m., and no to cheating on your diet or skipping the gym! Get comfortable saying no. The next time you are asked to do something, please evaluate if saying "yes" will feed your goals. If it does not benefit you in reaching your goals, then it is something that you should say "no" to!


Say "no" to your old rubber resistance loop bands and say "YES" to Cakey Bums Fabric Resistance Bands! 

Part 2 next week!


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  • Krista: October 28, 2019

    I need to start saying “no” more. I spread myself way too thin at times and end up feeling stressed out and tired. Thank you for this reminder and encouragement!

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