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Reaching your goals is a journey!

Posted on September 09 2019

Reaching your goals is a journey!

Hello Queens,

Lo here! I know most of our Cakey Queens have goals and dreams they are trying to reach, both inside and outside of the gym. Before we start working towards our goals and in the small moments in the space between where we want it and we got it, we must remind ourselves that reaching our goals and dreams is a journey, and not something that happens overnight. Many of us focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be, we get discouraged before we even take our first step! I know it's hard to believe, but ALL of the greatest legends out there had a journey, too. My first and favorite success story growing up was the story of Michael Jordan. It was inspiring to learn that THE Michael Jordan was DENIED a spot on the varsity basketball team but STILL proceeded to fight to make history and become a LEGEND. If someone can go from being told NO, being denied, and rejected to becoming a legend that makes history... than being told no, denied, rejected or dismissed is not the end of your dreams but perhaps, it might just be the beginning. There will always be a million reasons to why we shouldn't start going after what our heart truly desires. There will be people, jobs, life, and that small voice in our head that says, "You really think YOU can do THAT?" or "LOL you tried this a hundred times and it never works" or "Ya, you want that but you know you can't do it". Trust me, there will be a MILLION reasons why you shouldn't start your journey, but we are here to tell you that this is YOUR journey to walk and YOU CAN, SIS! 

So Michael Jordan had a goal, spent hours and hours, day after day improving his game, lifting weights to increase his size and practicing on the court only to finally make varsity his Junior year. So what made him want to go further? Through working hard, Jordan eventually found his fire while playing basketball in college. He was a good player but that desire wasn't ignited in him until he hit the game winning shot against Georgetown in 1982 that would give his team the NCAA national championship title. The fire that was ignited in him that day gave him the desire to be the best he could be. Not only did he want to be the best he could be, he knew he had to stand out from the rest. Jordan knew that he had to be DIFFERENT. He was working hard to be a player that the game of basketball had not yet experienced before. So Jordan set out to be great in his own unique way. Not only was Jordan a hard worker, unique and passionate, but Jordan had GRIT! He failed more times than he succeeded but he KEPT GOING! Quitting was never an option for him. The desire to improve and become a better version of himself was in his blood. He continued to work on his weaknesses until they became his strengths and was never complacent with what he achieved. He was, and still is striving for more in EVERY aspect of his life! So how did he manage to get through his lows? POSITIVITY! He took every experience and looked for the silver lining. He saw the good in every bad situation and remained focused. In fact, Jordan believes it is absolutely necessary to experience bad in order to receive, appreciate, understand and value the good.

So here's the big question then; as someone who failed comfortably as many times as Jordan did, why did he never fold? Jordan said he remained loyal to who he was. He never broke even when he was broken. He knew where he came from and he knew where he wanted to go. He never doubted the work that he put into himself and his craft, and because of that he knew who he was. The more he practiced, the better was. First a student, then a master. Jordan had a vision that was worth fighting for and he wasn't going to stop until he achieved it. He believes our will to succeed will ALWAYS be tested, so it's a requirement to never give up.


So what was his recipe for success? Here's his 10 ingredients:

1. Keep working hard

2. Ignite the fire

3. Be different

4. Fail your way to success

5. Have high expectations

6. Be positive

7. Be who you were born to be

8. Have a vision

9. Stop making excuses

10. Practice



 Jordan chose every single day to focus on his dream. He tapped into his greatness and became a legend. Legends aren't born, they are made. They have a dream and they work on it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Every single day you, Michael Jordan and I are given 24 hours. With those 24 hours we truly do have the power to create our future. What we spend our time on, we give our energy to. Think of it like this... you have a garden. Everything that you do is a seed. Your time is the limited amount of water which you are given daily. YOU, the gardener, make the decision what you are going to do with the limited water you have. It's in your power to choose which seeds you want to grow. Will you choose to water the seeds that provide you with the nutrition you will need to reach your goals or will you water the seeds that do not serve a purpose for you but are pretty to look at? If we start to look at this water (our energy) we've been given as a gift, and we consciously disperse our water to the right seeds, eventually we will sow those seeds and reap our hard work!!!!

So when you are feeling discouraged with the space between where you are and your goals, just remember your on a journey. There will be difficulties along the way, but you have the power to water the right seeds every day, see the good in every failure, practice until you make it perfect, and never give up! What you want is waiting for you Queen, go get it!!!!

With love,



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