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Cakey Bums

CB Beast Mode Band - Heavy Resistance - 13 Inches

$24.99 USD

Fabric Resistance Bands

  • Silicone Lining Keeps Band in Place
  • 3 Inch Width Prevents Rolling
  • Durable, No Breaking Guaranteed!
  • Special Fabric Blend Feels Soft Against Skin
  • 3 Resistance Levels (Light, Medium and Heavy)
  • 2 sizes (13 inches, 15 inches)
  • Perfect for Stretching, Glute Activation, Weightlifting, Booty Building
  • Fits a Variety of Exercises and Workout Styles
  • Make Home Workouts More Challenging or Add Extra Tension in the Gym
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CakeyBums' Booty Bands are the perfect choice for adding a low impact challenge to your leg day workout. Our non-slip, no roll fabric bands are easy to take with you anywhere and can be used at home or in the gym. Our hip circle bands come in 3 different resistance levels and 2 different sizes to get the optimal use out for your workout needs. Improve your hip mobility, build, target and activate your glutes! Add CakeyBums to your workout TODAY!