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Cakey Bums

CB Beast Mode - Light Resistance

$24.99 USD

Are you tired of fixing your rubber loop bands? Build your glutes to the next tier with our CakeyBums workout resistance bands.  Our no roll, no slip, comfortable bands come in 3 resistance levels: Light, Medium and Heavy!
  • Silicone Lining Keeps Band in Place
  • 3 Inch Width Prevents Rolling
  • Durable, No Breaking Guaranteed!
  • Special Fabric Blend Feels Soft Against Skin
  • 3 Resistance Levels (Light, Medium, and Heavy)
  • Band Dimensions: 3 in Width x 16 in Length
  • Perfect for Stretching, Glute Activation, Weightlifting, Booty Building
  • Fits a Variety of Exercises and Workout Styles
  • Make Home Workouts More Challenging or Add Extra Tension in the Gym
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